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My name is Tantan Andriyanto am an agile boy: D. My hobby is sports fitness and taekwondo.

We all live in this world is a terrible ordeal, therefore let us share among themselves, especially the more needy.  Do not ever remember us proud of the wealth of our parents because these are not our own, but when we can produce something that is very proud of us later 🙂

Seeing the development of today’s teenagers are those who begin to get carried away by the currents of globalization, and the thing that happens is laziness and waste arising at this time, but if we know that all around us there are also thousands and even hundreds of thousands of teenagers who will continue to strive for future success. Let us all, including people who can use the time and money that we have a well.

Failure is a memangditakdirkan in our lives, but if we should fail to failures that dropped us, let us take the victory with a failure that has befallen us. Remember! many people who successfully start failure, multiple failures even dozens of times of failure.

Change your mind set us to stop dreaming, the dream is a milestone going forward. Satuhal a very important thing to do when the people around us are still dreaming but we’ve started to pursue our dream was.

That’s a little about me and a description of our future life! Benediction both parents and always ask God us so that we can achieve success. Nice you!


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